Protecting Our Mental Health

Sometimes it’s difficult to explain or talk about our fears, anxieties and worries. Quite a few people are too shy to ask for help when it feels like their world is falling apart.
Mental health is a description of the state of one’s mind, feelings and emotions. It is an integral part of our overall health and impacts on almost every aspect of our lives.
Therefore it is important to talk and discuss our worries with another person, a close friend, family member or a professionally trained facilitator such as a counsellor or psychotherapist.
Therapists can offer caring, expert assistance that can help identify problems and assist in finding the best ways to cope with them. Supportive listening in a confidential setting that is provided by counselling is conducive to good quality therapy as the client feels free to explore their innermost feelings in a safe environment.
A few sessions are often enough to alleviate symptoms such is the power of being supported and listened to effectively.
Bernadette Meade
November 12th 2015